Diploma in Interior Design (DID) (3 years course) approved by:

Council of Architecture (MH-10), DTE (AR6533)


Approved Intake 40


We offer Diploma in Interior Design Course (DID) which is a 3 year full time course. 3 year Diploma in Architecture course Approved by council of architecture.


This 3 year brings with the depth industrial insights that improved practical knowledge, with the elaborative extensive design problems that end with the thesis large scale project. While academicians teach students to tackle problems with a critical and analytical approach through theoretical and practical applications. The teachers at the college, work with students to support them through their quest for knowledge and empower them to evolve as professionals with expertise.


The course is structured to give you exposure and ability to explore the world of actual construction through series of practical aspects such as case studies , site visits as well as actual deliverance through expert lectures and seminars, workshops and do-it-yourself exercises; while being able to develop the quality of time management , leadership and communication skills.