Vision of MMCOA

The welfare of the society by inspiring the youth to contribute through excellence in architecture and technology as knowledgeable professionals.

The institution's main motto is 'welfare of masses'. Therefore the assignments are planned in such a way that they are groomed to social awareness, they are encouraged to think outside the box through various exercises cleverly embedded in the subjects.Through study tours students are taught to pursue environmental friendly approaches at the same time, we keep updated with the new trends and technologies that are emerging into the market. The experts and the manufacturers act as major resource for our teaching. 


Mission of MMCOA

  • Sensitize young talent to address societal concerns by creating opportunities for learning.

  • Follow quest for excellence through research and academics.

  • Accentuate the legacy of ethics and values through architectural studies.


Here in MMCOA, we have well qualified staff, along with professional’s and Architects counselors of various domains who help students to achieve excellence and mentor them to reach their goals. With all freedom of doing research, innovation and implementation we contribute to make our students stand out to be the best in the country. For better exposure of our profession and education around the country, students are encouraged to participate in national competitions such as NASA, NIASA, AESA, etc.


Subjects like Humanities, Professional Practice, and Introduction to Architecture are trying to sensitize the students towards being more human in their behavior, rather than being more technology or money oriented,while looking at any macro to micro level issues in their projects.Through the knowledge of these subjects students life skills are enhanced, which helps them to mature as sensible human being.